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Business Owner's Block?

Move Your Business to The Next Level

Discover 3 Steps to Massively Accelerate Your Business Growth While Working Smarter


Learn The 3 Critical Steps you MUST follow to Move Your Business to The Next Level.

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Do you want to have bigger profits while enjoying more time for yourself? 

If this is what you’re looking for and you are genuinely committed to achieving the quality of life that you aspire…

and you are willing to do what it takes to make this happen, then you are in a right place and you qualify to read further.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur with serious intentions to bring extraordinary success in your business and in your life, then you must pay very close attention because this is by far one of the best decisions you could ever make in your business career.

I do not know why you are in business, but one thing I am sure of, you want your business to provide for your life, not to consume it.

I bet you do not aspire to build an average business with average profit that provides you with an ordinary life. Otherwise, you will not be here; you will be watching TV or reading the negative news as most people do.

What I have learned in working with hundreds of business owners from all over the world is that your business will never outgrow the quality of thinking you and your team apply to it.


Grow yourself and the business will follow


At the heart of everything I do is developing the business owner, not the business.

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely job and most business owners are lonely in their entrepreneurial thinking and too close to their business to be able to see things objectively, as they really are.

We don't ask ourselves the kind of questions that help us elevate our thinking beyond the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in.

The biggest mistake I made in my business life is to think that I can do it by myself.

I can’t. You can't. No one can.

The business owner who tries to do it alone is doomed and the statistics prove it. Four out of five business go under in the first five years of trading.

As my mentor, John Maxwell says,

"One is too small of a number to achieve anything significant."

You will need people around to help you expand your thinking and raise your awareness.

In today's uncertain geopolitical environment, where events like the new US presidential elections and the increasing divergence of interests among the big players in the EU, make it the worst business environment since the financial crisis of 2008-2009... and is getting worse.

You have to immunize yourself and your business from the ever-increasing uncertainty by investing in yourself and becoming better every single day so you will be prepared to deal with the challenges that will inevitably come your way.

Your business is as good as the thinking you bring to it.

- Christain Simpson


Where the performance gap lies? 

The biggest gap in life is the difference between what you know and what you do with that which you know.

By implementing these three steps in your business and your life, you will set yourself apart from the 99% of business owners that struggle daily to achieve only average profits.

Most of them will never know this compelling information, and even if they knew it, they are unwilling to do what it takes to achieve the level of success they aspire.

James Allen, author of the book "As a Man Thinketh" wisely observed:

"People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they, therefore, remain bound."

If you stop anybody on the street and ask him or her if they want to have more money and live a better life, what do you think they will answer?

Of course, they want. Everybody wants to live a better life, that is just human nature.

However, when you ask them if they are willing to wake-up one hour earlier and read a book every week to achieve that, they start telling you all the reasons why they cannot do it.

You do not understand Florin; my business is different.

No, it is not.

We are all in the same business. The people business.

Closing the performance GAP

If you use the implementation guide to apply this invaluable knowledge in your particular situation, you will be able to increase your profits while working less by using the 80/20 principle to everything you do.

You will become way more efficient in your daily activity and feel more relaxed at the end of the day. You will feel empowered, and you will discover where your business potential lies.

You will regain confidence in yourself, the business, your vision and this will power you to continue chasing your dreams and aspirations.

If this makes sense and you want to dramatically improve every aspect of your life and take your business to the next level, you are in the right place.

So go on, leave your contact details on this page and make these powerful strategies work for you right away.

By doing so, your email address will be added to my private email list where my inner circle of growth-oriented entrepreneurs receives powerful strategies and insights on a regular basis.

I will never share, let or sell any of the contact information that you gave me. Never. Under any circumstances.

Let me take all the risks and offer you these tested strategies by hundreds of business owners all over the world which are part of my inner circle and like you and me, got stuck at one point in their entrepreneurial lives.

If I fail to deliver on my promise, and these proven and tested resources do not work for you, what do you stand to lose?


So go ahead and claim this mind-expanding Ebook and make these strategies work for you immediately.

This valuable resource comes with a specially designed “Success Implementation Guide” that is purposely crafted to help you maximise your learning and implement your new awareness in your specific situation right-away.

Check your email inbox to make sure this powerful information does not get stuck in your promotion folder or worst in your spam folder and follow the instruction in the email to make sure that you receive the world-class success strategies that we send your way.

Your FREE resource will be sent to you straight away.

I look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you.

Make a wise decision today.

Entrepreneurial Coaching:

One-to-one self-development for lasting results. Discover what’s holding you back, and get some clarity as you plan your path to success.

Business Mastermind Groups:

Meet like-minded entrepreneurs, who’ll support and shape your purpose – guiding you to the solutions you’ll never find working alone.

Entrepreneurial Inner Circle:

Join an exclusive community of elite business owners. Everyone’s on a journey towards self-reliance, learning advanced methods that will leave competitors standing.

Why should you connect with Florin?

Florin is Sweden's Leading Business Coach to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, a life-changing professional coach who transforms forward-thinking business owners into top-earning entrepreneurs.

He is a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach and Trainer and he has access to a world-class team of experts in the personal and business development field that you can benefit from by connecting with Florin.

Inc. Magazine voted John Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world and you can use John's expertise in your business through Florin.

He’s coached business owners and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world to maximise their business potential by developing first the business owner and then the business.

You are at the core of everything he does.

It has been proven by thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world that by growing first the business owner, you consequently grow the business which follows suit.

He uses proven, tried and tested coaching techniques to help you overcome your challenges by drawing the solutions from within while freeing time for your growth.

By engaging with Florin and working closely with him, you will feel empowered to meet the challenges that invariably will come your way.

You will be more aware of how you create the results that you currently have in your business and how to improve them.

Your days will become more effective, and by applying the 80 - 20 principle in everything you do, you will feel more organised and relaxed at the end of the day.

You will become more confident in facing your team, your clients and you will set yourself apart from your so-called competition.

The Business Mastermind Groups that he facilitates are the place where growth-oriented business owners help each-other in their entrepreneurial journey. You will be kept accountable to your growth plan by the Mastermind group and you will feel part of a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with others like-minded growth-oriented success driven entrepreneurs.

You will receive support to shape your business in a way that supports your life purpose rather than consumes your time.

All highly successful people have been in one or more mastermind groups.

Richard Branson is in one. Elon Musk is in one. John Maxwell is in one. Florin is in one.

His methods often contradict what you’ve previously learned.

But he gets results.

Don’t be mistaken – this kind of success takes work. It’s not a magic wand, and nothing happens unless you take action.

If you’re on board with that, what you will get from Florin’s coaching is 200% ROI by creating:

  • Clarity on your vision, values, and goals
  • A compelling strategy for success
  • A sense of direction and purpose
  • An objective sounding board
  • Accountability to your success
  • Clear follow-up to maximise implementation
  • Massively improved personal and professional relationships

Don’t let the life you deserve pass you by. There IS a way to make bigger profits smarter - you're just not aware of it yet.

Click below to request your FREE copy of the eBook now.

Read what other entrepreneurs have experienced in working closely with Florin 



"I've been a business owner for 11 years and have only recently started working with a coach. I can honestly say that the process of business coaching has grown my company exponentially and now that I have seen the benefits, this will always be a part of my routine. Florin has a way of helping me push beyond my default answers to questions and finding solutions that pull me out of my comfort zone and in return cause growth. Not only has my business benefited, but my family has as well. I would highly recommend Florin Lungu to anyone who is looking to do more, be more or have more. And then get ready, because he will push you to achieve it!" 

Meredith Viguers, Let Us Do the Cooking, Texas, US


"I've known of Florin for just a year or so and in this short time, He has made a significant impact on my thinking and ultimately my results and those of the other members of the Group we work together in.

 He has a VERY compelling personal story that gives Him a lot of depth of experience and knowledge to draw on which makes Him an invaluable member of the Elite Mastermind Team. 

 One of His skill is in asking the "tough" questions quickly with a laser like focus and really making me and others "think" more clearly into the issue and challenge we're facing, He is also the perfect Accountability Partner meaning you'll get things done faster as a result, this has certainly been true for me, with Florin sitting on my shoulder!"   

Paull Newsome, Proactive Solutions Ltd, Gloucestershire, UK



“I am working with Florin on a monthly basis and have done since May 2017, he has been able to challenge all of my thinking processes and enabled me to move forward in many areas.

 He questions everything I say and helps me to understand any limiting beliefs I may have in order for me to achieve my objectives and goals within a specific time frame that he always confirms with me.

 I would recommend Florin to anyone who wants someone to coach them with empathy, control and care.

 Florin has made me very accountable for my successes and future goals, I know that some of these would not have been achieved without his input and support.”

Rob Spicer, Business Entrepreneur, Liverpool, UK


“Working with Florin on my personal and professional growth, I have come to appreciate his coaching skills. First his “partnership” approach when working with me to facilitate bigger thinking and a greater awareness and his powerful accountability to make sure I follow through. I look forward to many years working closely with “Captain Accountability” as I move through every stage of my personal and business growth.”

Paul Skuse, Figura Visualisation, Bristol, UK


“Florin has worked with me since May this year (2017) on my business growth challenges. His tenacity to identify and delve deep resulted in his being able to identify that the issue I thought was holding me back was, in fact, a symptom rather than a cause. My focus was off due to insomnia that had lasted years resulting in a lack of mind energy rather than the business road blocks that I thought I was struggling with. He drilled into this and wouldn’t let it go. Now in just this short time, I am intensely happy to say that Florin has changed my life. My sleep deprivation is resolved and I have so much more energy. The roadblocks I had then are now demolished and we are working on new challenges to increase performance and productivity. With Florin’s ability to pinpoint issues and his no-nonsense accountability approach, I can see us working together to aid my growth for the foreseeable future.”

 Adrian Jardine, Alfa Aid Ltd, Slough, UK


Florin has an amazing ability to cut through the B.S. and ask the question that stops me in my tracks.

He is an amazing coach and can help you make improvements in your business or personal life.

Neil O’Brien, Quantum Business Solutions, Cork, Ireland


"Over the last 3 months, I have found Florin's coaching to be invaluable. His very direct questions have made me think very deeply into my challenges which has brought about a new clarity to how I can achieve greater success. 

 He also makes me very accountable for those actions to which I commit and in doing so, helps me accelerate the speed at which I am achieving the goals I set myself. Florin creates a great environment for your success." 

Mark Tanner, The Growth Strategy People, Bristol, UK


“I would recommend Florin in a heartbeat to anyone looking to overcome challenges whether they are business or personal.
He has an uncanny knack of being able to challenge my assumptions and thinking without putting me on the defensive which then makes it easier to look at what is going wrong and tease out how to correct things.

 Don’t be fooled by his mild mannered approach, he will hold you accountable to your commitments. However,  that is exactly what we all need, someone to help us stick to commitments but in a friendly way where you’d feel bad letting them and yourself down if not.
I’ve known Florin for about 6 months and he has had nothing but a positive influence on me finding and achieving my goals.

John Daly, Bear and Bunny Nursery Ltd, Charlwood, UK


“Florin has a unique personality and exceptional coaching skills. He can stay within your problem until the solution is found. I find him a trusted accountability partner for my business and personal goals. He stops me, asks me the right questions, challenge and motivate me to be committed.

Being a part of the mastermind group, he has helped me to move my business where I aspired it to be. He has already proved himself by helping me to take my business, health and personal growth to a next level.

I feel no hesitation in recommending him to you as far as you are eager to achieve high success and financial peace of mind in your life.”

Nadeem Iqbal, Managing Director, TaxAssist Accountants, Walthamstow, UK


Don’t let the life you deserve pass you by. There IS a way to make bigger profits smarter - you're just not aware of it yet.

Click below to request your FREE copy of the eBook now.